• Bed Bug Bedbug Flea Trap Sleep Better Bed Post Grey Side View
  • Bed Bug Bedbug Flea Trap Sleep Better Bed Post Grey Top View
  • Bed Bug Bedbug Flea Trap Sleep Better Bed Post Grey
  • Bed Bug Bedbug Flea Trap Sleep Better
  • Bed Bug Bedbug Flea Trap Sleep Better Red Top View
  • Bed Bug Bedbug Flea Trap Sleep Better Bed Post Red With Flea Light

Protect yourself while you sleep.

Don't let bed bugs, fleas, and other creepy crawlers bite you while you sleep tight! 

The Tower Trap Difference

  • Design

    Proprietary design blocks bugs from your furniture and attracts bugs already there.

  • Research

    Each feature of the traps has been thoroughly researched to protect you better.

  • Functionality

    Protects against bed bugs & fleas and other creepy crawlers too.

  • Heavy-Duty & Safe

    Durable, safe, and pesticide-free.


How should I use my Tower Traps?

Put your Tower Traps under the legs of your bed, couch, or other furniture. Add soapy water, baby oil, or just baby powder to the inside of "moat." This will help prevent bed bugs and other creepy crawlers from getting onto your bed and catch the ones trying to crawl off.

Will Tower Traps work for fleas?

Yes! Tower Traps work great for fleas.

For fleas, after peeling the backing off of the included light, stick it close to the top of one of the red-colored traps. The button to turn on the light is on the back of the light. The color of the light was specifically chosen to be attractive to the most common type of household flea and blinks in such a way as to mimic the way that fleas see their hosts' movement.

Why are Tower Traps better than other products?

Tower Traps are the product of extensive research. They are stronger, more reliable, smarter, and safe. They were designed to not only prevent bugs from getting onto your bed, but also attract those that are already snuggled in with you.

Why are Tower Traps tall?

Tower Traps are tall so that they can help prevent things like sheets, runners, and blankets from dragging on the ground, which can allow bed bugs and other creepy crawlers to bypass the traps. 

What's with the hole on the top where I put the furniture leg?

That hole is there to help make sure that certain furniture legs don't slide around on top of the TowerTraps. 

A wooden dowel can be placed in the hole and connect to hollow furniture legs. This works great for many metal bed frames.

Why the red color?

Certain colors attract bed bugs and fleas. Most traps on the market are white, but bed bugs and fleas will try to avoid white objects.

The red that we use is more attractive to bed bugs and fleas so if they are already on your bed, it's more likely that they will migrate towards the red towers.

You can modify in what order you position the red and grey towers to test out where your infestation is coming from on your piece of furniture.

How much weight do the Tower Traps hold?

Do not exceed 600 lbs for a set of 4 Tower Traps. If you have a fat dachschund, make it sleep on the floor.

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